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Ver, Oír y Viajar (Watch, Listen and Travel)

This is a solidarity project that stems from the idea of sharing a real knowledge of our world and the people who live in, as well as encouraging the preservation of the natural spaces of the planet, through videos and chronicles in our way around the planet on a 4×4.

In parallel, we aim to leave a positive imprint along the places we’ll visit, collaborating with NGO’s and local collectives, and thus contributing with our hands, providing materials or knowledge, or rather a bit of everything.

Who is behind?

Juancar and Rosalía, a Spanish couple from Utiel (Valencia) who have decided to link one of their dreams (make the round-world-tour) to two of their main passions: learning and helping others.


Juancar (34 years-old) holds a PhD in Oceanography and has always loved travelling. Considered the largest instigator of this adventure it is easy to understand how Rosalía’s mother hates him a little bit. Although he has already travelled around quite a few countries, he still hasn’t satiated his desires for adventure. He’s not so bad in front a broken car and he loves to chat and teach, so making him a wonderful travel mate.

Rosalía (30 years-old) has a double degree in Law and Business Administration. She could be simply defined as a great organizer, and therefore becoming the perfect partner for an adventure of this kind. She has a peaceful and smooth soul and she loves volunteering, but mainly travelling and discovering. By nature, she’s wonderfully optimistic and has a flexible mind. Not too bad attributes for a trip full of uncertainties like ours.

And finally (probably the most important member) Rocinante (Don Quixote’s horse), a Land Rover Defender 130 from 1993 equipped with a habitable cellule. Conceived for traversing almost all terrains, this 4×4 is everything for us: home, transport, refuge… Although as slow as a snail, we are firmly convinced that it still has the power to perform more kilometers around the world than the ISS itself. He has already travelled around Europe, so it’s probably the time for him to discover other continents.

Calandula Falls, Angola

The birth of the idea

The idea of this trip started, as in many cases, as a simply future-dream but, some months ago, it suddenly became our reality: we were seriously immersed on the preparations of a round-the-world-tour. In fact, that initial dream has become at present our way to see the life, as we don’t consider this trip as a mere adventure. This is for us a life-project.

We both believe that another way of living is possible, far from the pessimism and the money-slavery imposed on our society. A way where prevailing other values, such as learning and cooperating, where the respect for people and nature should be fully integrated. We are firmly convinced that knowledge constitutes the base of a stronger and more liberated humanity.

So, along this trip we would like to learn about life, acquiring that knowledge which results impossible to find in the books, in order to share it later. However, we can’t get this knowledge laid on the sofa, anchored, nor through strange equipment depending on antennas and cables. The real knowledge can only be achieved firsthand.

For that we require looking, observing, seeing, regarding, contemplating, discovering, admiring, examining, perceiving, assisting (WATCHING). But it’s also necessary hearing, attending, asking, communicating, talking, understanding, feeling, receiving, informing (LISTENING). And the most important, it would be impossible to acquire this kind of knowledge without peregrinating, running, walking, flying, moving, rotating, exploring, sailing, migrating (TRAVELLING).

To know and understand the others’ needs, as well as the way to help them, firstly we require to watch and listen. We require to travel.

Here it is Watch, Listen and Travel.

Objectives of the trip

1. To achieve a real knowledge from our world, through the direct contact with other societies, cultures and the natural environment where they develop.

2. To collaborate with different NGO’s and local collectives, sharing our time and skills, and also providing materials where possible, while at the same time learning from others.

3. To contribute to the dissemination of information about the countries we visit.

4. Personal growing, learning to get out from the routine and our comfort zone, and adapting to live on a changing scenario day by day.

Intended route

It will be always modifiable attending to changes on the political scene, difficulties to obtain some visas, etc.:


First stage. Africa.

Countries on the route: Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.

Second stage. Asia.

Countries on the route: India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Third stage. Oceania.

Countries on the route: Australia and New Zealand.

Fourth stage. America.

Countries on the route: Argentina, Chili, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and USA.

We started the 23rd of April 2017 and the duration of the trip will depend on many factors: remaining budget, average speed, number of stops for volunteering, etc. In fact, we have the only intention to follow our hearts, so we haven’t got a fixed date for coming back at all. We’ll try to listen to ourselves, to our needs, with the only ambition to achieve a daily happiness. In short, we’ll travel without calendar.

Solidarity projects

1. Collaboration with NGO’s

One of the main parts of our adventure will consist on collaborating with local communities, sharing our time and abilities with those who could need it. For the moment we have only planned our activities in Africa, due to the vastness of the continent and the months still remaining to reach Asia or America.

We have been already admitted to work with Development Initiative Network in Malawi, and Busoga Volunteers  in Uganda. Both of them are very limited-resources NGO’s fully involved on the education of children from environments where parents have null possibilities of providing them a decent education. More than helping them with Maths, History or Geography, perhaps our greatest contribution will be our positivism, showing them the enormous potential of studying as a way to be able to decide about their own lives. To have opportunities. The way to dream for a better life.

On the other hand, people from Happy Toes in South Africa consider permaculture as the philosophy of working with (and no against) the nature, observing and understanding plants and animals within all their functions. Working on this organization, we’ll learn some production and construction integrated techniques, in equilibrium with the surrounding environment, where Mother Earth always has the priority.

2. Hel us to help

We also intend to collaborate with the platform Trip-Drop. Thanks to volunteer donations we will try to bring materials (baby food, medicines, school supplies, clothing, etc.) directly to local collectives, associations, orphanages, hospitals or schools, which combine high needs with very limited economic resources.

With this initiative, we would like to leave a positive imprint along the regions we’ll go through. In exchange, we’ll get tons of hugs and eternal smiles.

“Travelling School” Project

This “school” births with the idea of approaching the children of our environment to a more natural reality of our world, without filters. We would like to help them to develop their own social awareness, as well as introducing important personal values such as tolerance and respect.

We would like to show them other ways of living, the importance of learning other languages, at the same time we would help them to feel and recognize many emotions derived from an adventure like this, where the scenario changes every day.

We’ll try to transmit them many fundamental aspects of life that are not reflected in the textbooks. We would be happy if we could encourage in them a yearn to learn, beyond the mere obligation to pass the exams. Just to be happier.

Escuela Viajera

Before leaving, we’ll visit those schools that have decided to join this project in order to talk with the children about our adventure, decided to awaken in them an interest for traveling, learning and discovering.

During the trip, we’ll make use of the Internet to contact them via Skype, e-mail, blog, etc., sharing videos, pictures and texts, so that the children themselves will investigate and question us about the regions, people or nature we visit. On the other hand, the emotions and experiences raised along the adventure will be also one of the main topics of discussion in our “conversations”.

After the trip, we’ll come back to the “traveling schools” to exchange the sensations, emotions and vibrations that we have experimented as real travelers with those felt by the children (virtual travelers).

Come travel with us!

If you find our project interesting, let’s go! We’ll be more than glad to receive some words from you asking for more info, queries or simply getting your encouragement or advice.

Moreover, if you want to keep informed on our progress around the world, you can follow us. Introduce your e-mail on the main page of this blog and we’ll inform you with any news.

Share the knowledge!

Rosalía and Juancar.